Creating Happiness, Empty Nest

Preparing For an Empty Nest

ID-100186801I’m preparing for an empty nest….

As a Mom with one already out of the nest and two ready to leave, I know a little bit about what it feels like when someone experiences and empty nest.

Our natural instinct as a parent is to be scared for your child. You want to protect them from hardships and hurt.

But here is the thing. The best thing we can do is let them go and know they will be fine. You know this, because you raised them. You set an example and prepared them.

Now it is time to sit back and let them live their lives. And yes, that means letting them make mistakes and learn from those mistakes.

But empty nest isn’t just about those that are leaving or have left. It is about those left behind. It is about the Parent.

As a Mom, I spend 20 years doing for others. Loving and nurturing everyone and often neglecting myself.

So it is expected that I will be a bit hesitant to be alone and on my own. Especially after recently ending a 24 year marriage.

But I choose to look at this precious time and my next step in my life. This is my time to find myself. Create some new dreams. And make amazing things happen in my life.

Here are some of the things I am doing to prepare myself for an empty nest…

  • Letting Go: Even though I still have children at home, I am working on stepping back and minding my own business when it comes to their lives. I step back and let them make decision on their own, yet I let them know I’m here to help in any way. I only offer advise when it is wanted or I feel it is really needed.
  • Be Healthy Emotionally and Physically: I am taking care of myself. I am making a real effort to focus on myself and my happiness. My life is no longer all about my kids.
  • Make New Friends:  I am getting out in the world more and reconnecting with some of my old friends that I have lost touch with and am also focusing on making new friends.
  • Find a New Hobby: For me this also means getting back into doing some of the things I used to enjoy doing in the past. For me, it is writing and also arts and crafts.

What about you? How did you handle and empty nest?