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Is Sex Good During Midlife?

ID-100177346One of the greatest things about Midlife is the sex. I absolutely love where I am in my life right now. And I love my age!

So I have to answer the question, “Is Sex Good During Midlife?” with an enthusiastic YES!

If you are like me, you have probably read that men hit their sexual peak in their early 20’s and women in their late 30’s. If this is a fact, I’m not sure. And honestly I don’t care.

I think Midlife is where all the fun is!

Oh Yes! Midlife can be very fulfilling for both men and women for a number of reasons.

I have found that most men and women find sex during midlife much more sensual and relaxed. We have way less inhibitions and seem to be way less rushed.

First of all if a woman has gone to menopause, then there is no longer a worry of pregnancy. This in itself makes sex much more relaxing and care free.

Another nice thing about midlife and sex, is that often you have an empty nest, which means lots of privacy and alone time with you sweetheart. It is nice to reconnect with your partner. Being able to reconnect and put your partner first is so nice.

If you find that you are in midlife, and you are not experiencing the sexual experience that you want, don’t be afraid to explore using things to make the experience better. Oils and toys can add some extra enjoyment.

And if you want to have good sex but are having some medical problems that prevent you from exploring your sexuality during midlife, please talk to your doctor. There is lots of help for people these days.

I find that sex in midlife is more about connecting with each other on a deeper level.

Is Sex good during midlife? The sex is good and it will only get better.

PS. If you want to enjoy more good sex in midlife, I highly recommend the book, Sex & Love at Midlife: It’s Better Than Ever.