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How I Deal With My Older Hair – Organic Moroccan Argon Oil

I have long blond hair that has been really damaged over the years.

1st of all over the last 10 years my hair texture has changed. It has become thinner, yet courser. It is dry and breaks off very easily.

And as my hair is getting grey streaks, I noticed that my natural blond is becoming this ugly mousy blond color. So I have been coloring my hair in order to bring it back to it’s natural color. And of course this is making my hair even more dry.

But I did find a few solutions that I wanted to share with anyone who is over fifty and having some of the same issues I’m having.

First of all when I wash my hair, I only wash my scalp. The entire head gets washed as the shampoo is rinsed out, but it helps to not dry out your roots.

Then with the conditioner, I only condition the ends. This way my roots don’t get too heavy.

Then after towel drying my hair, I use a bit of argon oil.

I love this stuff!

Argan oil is is an organic oil that comes from an Argan tree that is native to Morocco.  The organic Moroccan argan oil is great for aging hair as it is a great moisturizer. It is also naturally very healing and protective. It also is great for skin. But I love it on my hair!

There are lots of organic moroccan argan oil products out there and they can be very costly. But the one I use is Organix Renewing Moroccan Argan Penetrating Oil. It is very inexpensive and you will love the results it gives you.

After adding the argon oil to my hair I comb it out and blow it dry.

It makes my hair very shiny and silky. I get lots of compliments on it and my hair doesn’t look like the hair of someone over 50.

Do you have any over 50 hair tricks that you use?

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What is the Age Women Go Through Menopause?

For the last 5 years I have been asking the question, At “what is the age women go through menopause?”.  I had a hard time getting the answer. All the older women in my life seemed to have a hysterectomy so I had nothing to compare it too. 


My mother informed me that her mother went through the change in her 50’s. My doctor told me it is anywhere between 48 and 55.  She told me, that it isn’t consider complete until you have been a year without a period. Over the last year, I I noticed my period become less regular. Some months would be heavy and some months, very light. Finally I had my last period in November and turned 50 in January. So I would say for me, 50 is an exciting year! I am going through the change. If you are reading this article, you may have been looking for an answer to the question. Hopefully this will help you.

But here is the thing about Midlife for women and the change:

Are you ready for it?

Change is good.

I mean if things were always the same, life would be so boring. Somehow the years went by and we (women) have aged, but we are far from being old. I think it is important to embrace being middle aged. And embrace all the changes that come along with it. We are here, we can’t go back, Why not embrace it?

As someone who is in midlife, I realized that I am not the same person I was in my 20’s or 30’s. I’m different on the inside as well as the outside.

On the outside, My skin is different. It feels much dryer than it used to. And I am discovering age spots, you know those darker patches of skin that were not there before. My body feels softer and not quite as firm as it used to be. I can’t wear the same kind of makeup and clothes that I chose when I was younger. It just doesn’t look flattering. Actually it isn’t right at all.

So I have learned to find my natural beauty. And I realized, I am beautiful. I wear very little makeup. I have found that less is more. I wear very natural colors that are just enough to give me a bit of color and glow. I want people to look at me and think “Wow”, she looks good for 50. I want them to see me, not my make-up.

So generally I only wear foundation, lipstick, blush and mascara. That is it. And guess what?! I don’t get my yucky period any more. Yippee to that. As a bonus to midlife, I can have sex when ever I want and actually enjoy it. There is no worries about getting pregnant.

Most importantly though, as a midlifer I realized most of the change has been inside of me. My outlook on life is so much different then it was when I was younger. I find that the little stresses don’t seem as important anymore. I tend to focus on things that feel good and make me happy. I realized that I don’t care so much about what people think. Actually I really could care less. I am happy and I focus on positive stuff in life.

What about you? Have you noticed lots of changes in midlife other than just losing your period?

PS. If you are looking for a good book on Menopause, check out The Wisdom of Menopause (Revised Edition): Creating Physical and Emotional Health During the Change.

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Deciding to Join Online Dating…

I just joined a dating site. I’m not quite ready to jump out there and start dating lots of guys, but I would like to have a chance to start talking to members of the opposite sex.

After being separated for over a year, I just feel like I am ready to get out in the world again.

So I joined a dating site as a way of getting my feet wet. In case you have never been to a dating site, the first thing you need to do is fill out a profile.

This was hard for me, writing about myself and trying to describe the kind of person ID-10069423I am. Then I wrote about what I was looking for in a man. This was much easier. Then of course probably the most important part is uploading a picture. For me I tried to put up an image of myself where I was smiling and also where I look as normal and natural as possible.

Then, depending on the site, you choose what you are searching for. For me it is a male within an hour drive between the ages of 48 and 60.

Then the systems with find similar people to what you are searching.

I enjoy looking at the pictures and reading the profiles of men. It really is fun. I am not yet comfortable with emailing them or connecting with them, but I’m sure it will be easier.

I have noticed many different kinds of men looking for different things…and this has me really re-evaluating what it is that I want.

Many men are looking for a serious relationship. You know a wife, someone to settle down with. And one day I do too. But now, no I don’t want something too serious.

Then there are the men who are just looking for a friend to hang out with and if there is a connection then intimacy. This is also known as friends with benefits. This sounds the most interesting to me, but boy scary. I mean what happens if I meet someone who I really connect with and I lose my heart in the process?

Then there are the men who are married or not married and they just want sex. That obviously isn’t for me.

I am finding online dating exciting and scary.

I’m smiling to myself as I write this as I know I would never in 100 years ever thought I would join a dating site. But I guess it is the new way to meet men.

If you have ever used a dating site, I would love to hear about your experiences. Were they good or bad? Is there anything I should be concerned about?

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I Choose To Be Happy. Do You?

Okay, let’s face it. There is a lot of crazy thinks going on with those of us in midlife. I know for me, I have all kinds of crazy things going on with my body. My body seems to have a life of its own.

And my life feels as if it is so out of control. Because there is a new normal in my life. I know for me, my children are growing up and not needing me so much. And for many of us, our finances are not where we would like them to be. Many of us will not have retirement or have lost jobs. We are living in hard economic times. And mid-lifer’s are feeling the strain.


I Choose To Be Happy:

But we have a choice in how we want to accept that we are aging. And we can choose to be happy even during the really trying times. Yes we are aging. But so is everyone else and there is little we can do to stop it. So we need to just accept it.

I don’t know about you, but I find it really hard to believe that I am 49 years old. I mean I feel like I’m much younger. Where did the time go?

Sometimes it is easy to let all of the challenges in a normal life of a baby boomer get you down. But you could chose to embrace the changes.

I learned a long time ago that I am the only one who can make me happy. I mean, yes, people and things can make me smile. But only I can choose to be happy. And I choose it for myself.

When you choose to be happy for yourself it is a form of courageousness, I think. It means that you are strong and up to the challenge. Let’s face it. It can be hard to find a reason to be happy. But the reasons are there if you look for them.

When I first think about my body, my thoughts are negative…

I could easily look at my body and see the wrinkles around my eyes and lips. And I have stretch marks on my breasts and hips. And I have a bit of a tummy. It was at one time nice and flat.

But I can change how I feel about my body…

Then think about how amazing this body really is. It carried three healthy children each for nine months. That is really amazing if you think about it. It is a miracle. And my body never complained. Not one time.

I love my body…

And my breasts are may not be a perky as they once were, and they now have stretch marks. but they are beautiful to the man who loves me. The look in is eyes when he touches me is so full of love.

I love my body…

My wrinkles next to my eyes and mouth are there because of years and years of smiles. I love to smile. Okay, so I have wrinkles. They make me look mature. I think. But these wrinkles are from years and years of smiling. I think I earned these wrinkles. I will wear them like a badge of honor.

I love me!

And my 49 year old soul is happy too. I am so happy and proud that I raised 3 terrific young adults. They turned out perfectly. And are now going to live happy lives. I must have done a good job.

And so,

I choose to be happy. Do you?



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Two Huge Reasons To Meditate in Midlife

One of the nicest things about midlife is that I have much more time to myself. Yes, I miss all the activity but I enjoy the quiet as well. I’ve been using the time for myself to be nice to myself. I have been able to really spend some time meditating and reflecting on my life.

ID-100114092Meditation does two important things for me:

Meditation is Calming

First meditation helps to slow down all the chatter in my mind and calm me down. Which is what I need to keep me stress free. I am a pretty hyper person anyway, but when you add the fact that throughout my day there is lots of activity. I work in the mall so there is always music playing and people running around.

And with technology, it seems that there is always a phone ringing, or a television playing. There is always chatter going on.

I find it really calming to simply unplug from technology and the humans around me and just enjoy the silence. Quiet is calming for me. Meditation and just being in the quiet is a huge stress reliever. There is simply nothing like it.


You may have heard people say that all the answers are within. And for me it is so very true. When I meditate and slow down all the chatter in my mind, I get this “knowing”. I don’t know how to explain it other than saying often if I am having a problem, a solution will come to me through or after meditation. It is amazing what you can solve when you meditate.

It is like all the answers are within you, but you can’t here the answers until you quiet down all the chatter in your world. Silence brings answers to problems. It is really neat getting the answers.

Meditation is easy…

If you have never meditated you may be thinking it is very difficult to do. It is actually much easier than you may realize. I generally meditate in my recliner, I sit back and relax my body. I focus on each body part starting with my toes and work my way up my body until I am relaxed. Then I visualize a white light surrounding me. Then I usually feel all nice and warm and relaxed. Then I ask the universe what I need to know. I don’t try to think or even listen. I just let myself just be. And I always end up getting the answers that I need in my life at the moment.

But early on I simply found meditation really difficult. I couldn’t let myself go. I couldn’t relax. So I did Guided Meditation. I found listening to audio tapes of guided meditation helped me learn how to relax enough to let go. I highly recommend meditation to anyone but especially those going through the stresses of midlife.

Here are some of my recommendations:

Best Guided Meditation Audio CD’s:
Guided Meditations: For Calmness, Awareness, and Love

Guided Imagery CD Relaxation Meditation For Difficult Times

The Calming Collection – Goodbye Worries. ** Guided meditation to train your mind to quiet your thoughts – Train your mind to quiet your thoughts CD – Hypnotic Guided CD **

PS. What is your experience with meditation? Do you meditate?

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Learning to Love Myself….Yes, I’m beautiful

At one time when I was young I was what people would call pretty. I had beautiful long thick hair and a nice slim figure. I felt attractive too and the men would turn their heads to look my way.

Then after I got married and began to have children, I began to put on weight. And it seemed like I never had time to take care of myself. I was always taking care of the family, running here and there. Being the perfect Mom and Wife.

Somewhere along the line, I forgot to take care of me.

And then I found myself in my forties. I looked in the mirror and saw a tired looking lady. My face looked so stressed and tired. And my body, forget it. I was wearing a size 14 witch actually is pretty average, but boy I felt huge. My breasts are no longer perky. No, they sag way too much. And how come I didn’t notice the wrinkles on my neck. This is what they call aging.?

How did midlife get here so quickly?

I was going through some problems in my marriage and was feeling down when I decided to simply be happy. I think happiness is a choice. So I decided that I would focus on the positive and stop caring so much how I look.

And I made a decision to make a real effort to smile more often. And I would make a big effort to relax and not worry about things that I have no control.

Then the most amazing thing happened. I started feeling better. I was happier. And I noticed that I would smile without even trying.

And people around me started to smile more as well.And I started attracting positive people into my life.

And now when I look in the mirror. I see an older woman who has lots of wisdom and a great smile. I see me and I’m beautiful.

If you are middle aged like me, and not happy with what you look like. Take some time right now to really see what you look like. I hope you realize you are beautiful!

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Stress and Women

Stop the stress!

Many women find middle age very stressful for a number of reasons. Often we still have children in the home or grand kids to care for. Many mid-lifers are caring for an elderly parent while working full time jobs. And there often isn’t time to work out.

The biggest problem isn’t all of the things we need to do and all the people we take care of, but finding time to take care of ourselves.

It is a proven fact that stress will hurt your health and it could even shorten your life. In order to be healthy you really need to change your behavior and take care of yourself.


But really if you don’t find time to take care of yourself you are going to find your self burnt out or worse.

There are a few things you can do right now to start taking care of yourself.

1. Learn to say No or ask for help. I had been giving of myself so much that I found it really hard to simply say no. But to my surprise, my family was more than happy to give me a break.

I learned it is perfectly fine to take a night off from cooking or caring for the home. I would order carry out or let everyone “fend for themselves” and I would relax in a hot bath.

2. Schedule time for yourself every day. Make time to work out or take a walk or spend some time doing what you love and enjoy.

3. Feed your sexual appetite. Sexual intercourse as well as the snuggling and affection that goes with it is a great stress reliever. And I promise you, you will feel much better later.

What are some of the ways you relieve stress in your life?