Empty Nest Syndrome

Empty Nest Syndrome Depression

So you just spent the last 20+ years raising terrific kids. For years you took care of all the ouchies, you helped with homework and taught your kids how to be good human beings. And now they are grown. They move out. And they don’t need you anymore. Because you did your job. They are now responsible adults.

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You should be happy and proud. You should be excited that you finally can be a bit selfish and just focus on yourself. But you don’t really know who “you” really are anymore. And you find yourself confused, lonely and depressed.

These are all normal emotions that we all go through when we did a good job at raising out kids. The important thing is to realize that you are totally normal and you will get through these feelings of sadness.

There are different things you can do to work through this depression  One thing you can do is get counseling. It really helps to talk it through. Another thing you can do is find a someone who you can talk to who has been through this.

You can also look at this as an opportunity to figure out what you want to do with the rest of your life. Is there a hobby or something that you have always wanted to do, but couldn’t because you had kids at home. Now is your time to be selfish and just enjoy being you. Life is good.

You have a choice to make midlife a sad time of your life or you can choose to be happy and excited. I mean you still have the entire other half of your life to live. Why not enjoy it.

Look at this as a time to be free to do what you want. Or not do was your think you should do. Let yourself enjoy life a bit. Be good to yourself.

If you are feeling sad because your kids are out of the house just remember, it could be worse. There are parents out there who still have a 30 year old at home who doesn’t want to grow up! Yes, it could be worse.

Have you suffered from empty nest syndrome?  If so, how did you get through it. Please feel free to leave a comment below.

4 thoughts on “Empty Nest Syndrome”

  1. I wasn’t depressed when my three kids left home. I felt as if they died. I grieved for them not being home anymore. That is different from depression. I had to keep reminding myself that they are alive and healthy. It is just that they were ready to leave the nest. Now, I appreciate my empty nest and don’t want them back. They are all doing well, on their own and that is what is important.

    1. It is so difficult dealing with our babies leaving. I’m sorry for your pain in them leaving. Thank goodness those feelings passed. I’m glad they are all doing well in living their lives.

  2. I feel very alone, a constant cold and wrenching feeling in my stomach.I sm sfraid my kids will forget about me. Life can be so busy. Anyway the are living too far from me now and all I wish is yheir happiness, wherever it is. But why so far from me. I feel I will die. Please pray for me, thanks.

    1. I feel for you, Tanja! It is really hard to let our kids go. But we need to let them go and live their lives. I hope you get to see yours over the holidays. Sending hugs!

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