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How I Deal With My Older Hair – Organic Moroccan Argon Oil

I have long blond hair that has been really damaged over the years.

1st of all over the last 10 years my hair texture has changed. It has become thinner, yet courser. It is dry and breaks off very easily.

And as my hair is getting grey streaks, I noticed that my natural blond is becoming this ugly mousy blond color. So I have been coloring my hair in order to bring it back to it’s natural color. And of course this is making my hair even more dry.

But I did find a few solutions that I wanted to share with anyone who is over fifty and having some of the same issues I’m having.

First of all when I wash my hair, I only wash my scalp. The entire head gets washed as the shampoo is rinsed out, but it helps to not dry out your roots.

Then with the conditioner, I only condition the ends. This way my roots don’t get too heavy.

Then after towel drying my hair, I use a bit of argon oil.

I love this stuff!

Argan oil is is an organic oil that comes from an Argan tree that is native to Morocco.  The organic Moroccan argan oil is great for aging hair as it is a great moisturizer. It is also naturally very healing and protective. It also is great for skin. But I love it on my hair!

There are lots of organic moroccan argan oil products out there and they can be very costly. But the one I use is Organix Renewing Moroccan Argan Penetrating Oil. It is very inexpensive and you will love the results it gives you.

After adding the argon oil to my hair I comb it out and blow it dry.

It makes my hair very shiny and silky. I get lots of compliments on it and my hair doesn’t look like the hair of someone over 50.

Do you have any over 50 hair tricks that you use?

23 thoughts on “How I Deal With My Older Hair – Organic Moroccan Argon Oil”

  1. Hi Wendy,

    Very interested post especially for me as I have some challenges with my hair. My hair is not very long and it is not colored, but it is in bad quality. I just wash it with shampoo every and sometimes two times depending on the weather outside or if I do two exercises a day. I don’t use a hairdryer and no iron.

    I think this is the reason why my looks not good and it always lies the same way.

    What would you recommend to bring my hair in shape without using gel or wax? Some people don’t have anything in their hair and they look great as they are.

    I would be great if you could recommend me anything to let my hair look good again.


    1. Don, is your hair very dry? It sounds like you may be washing your hair to often. If it is dry, the argon oil may help. But I’m not by any means an expert. I just know whats been working with my older hair.

      1. Hi Wendy,

        Thanks for your response. I think it is too dry because I wash it too often. I know that I need to try out some products that should help me revitalize my hair. Let’s see 🙂


  2. Hello Wendy!

    I’m not on my 50th yet, but I’m sure that there’s basic treatment we can use for our hair that will bring a good result. I don’t think coloring you hair is a good idea. It will only make you hair dry. If you still want to do that, of course, you need to do extra treatment for your hair. Sometimes, I also face trouble with my hair like hair loss, not much but quite annoying as the hair will be scattered on the floor. It will reduce a lot when I wash my hair. But I don’t do it every day because it will make my hair dry.

    1. I know I really shouldn’t be coloring my hair. Actually I’m trying to let the color grow out and go back to my normal color. But in the mean time the argon oil really makes a difference. It is much shinier and I find I have much less frizz.

  3. i just love the way you explain tings
    As an older woman myself, i realize that with every passing year my hair has kind of stopped growing.
    I never heard of argan oil but i will trust you and give it a try because at the moment im ready to try anything.
    Was just wondering how much the Aragan oil cost and how eyactly do i use it?
    Daily weekly and should i use it with sometihing else.
    Thanks for a beautiful post

    1. It is about the same as a bottle of shampoo. After I towel dry my hair I put some in the palm of my hand (about a quarter size. Then I rub it into the ends of my hair and blow dry as normal. I use it every time I wash my hair which is usually every other day. There is also a argon spray that helps with frizzy hair. I use that sometimes on my dry hair to tame it a bit if I’m going out.

  4. Dealing with older hair can be a challenge sometimes although I can’t say I’ve noticed much thinning with mine!

    I have oily hair so the Moroccan Argon Oil probably wouldn’t suit my hair type. I use a mild soap from Lush, washed daily and it doesn’t dry the ends.

    There are so many hair products on the market now it’s hard to choose something to that helps with older hair. Is there anything you can recommend for oily hair?

  5. You have a lot of good ideas. My hair has gotten courser the older I get as well. I will try just shampooing just my scalp and the conditioner at the ends. I would love to use the oil that you suggested. Where can I buy it? Do I have to buy it online, or can I get it at a regular store? I had been wondering how I can get my hair to look better!

  6. Hello Wendy,

    Thanks for this information. I’ve never heard of Argan oil before. I too started noticing a change in my hair after I passed 40. I have stubborn Asian hair and as it gets aged and dry, it has become even more difficult to manage.

    I have read somewhere long time ago that we don’t really need to wash the hair with shampoo. As you suggested here, the hair naturally gets clean as the shampoo is rinsed out. What we have to wash is the scalp. I’ve been doing that for the past 10 years or so, and it has been working for me 🙂 I at least do not get much gray hair. After towel drying I would normally apply some cheap oil that I found at a store to the tip, but I will definitely give it a try to Argan oil.


    1. Hi Yuko. Yeah it seems that shampoo just tends to dry out the hair. No need to wash, just wash the scalp. I think you will like the argon oil.

  7. I relate with many of your topics all to well. My wife has experience the empty nest situation you speak of but has actully dealt with it very well. The kids are all out and on with their lives making time for her to chase the dreams she has put on hold for many years. She is a fabulous writer and has been taking action to further her new goals. Also the thinning hair topic sounded like her telling me about her hair thinning and what not. Great content, I will send her to your site!

  8. very honest real life stuff which I thought was quite detailed into your life. i not certain of that the use of BS may not be appropriate in your blog, nor f@@@@@ . just for professionalism. I also can relate to struggles in work but I need to find motivation and goal setting in small measures seems to help a lot . I can see your site hits the spot for many people out there. wonder if there are any proactive solutions to mid life people- i like the counselling aspect , I think that is a really good approach

  9. Organic Moroccan Argan oil comes from an Argan tree that is native to Morocco. If the organic Moroccan argan oil is great for aging hair as you are intimating, a great moisturizer then it would be.

    It is similar to a traditional shear tree in Ghana that grows in the wild and is used to produce all kinds of oils. It could also naturally heal and protect hair. It is equally great for the skin. But most love to use it on their hair!

    There are cosmetic products made from a combination of coca and this shear.

    Great work there.


  10. Hi Wendy,

    One of the saddest issues of getting old. I’m starting to have the same problem and I was told to use castor oil at least half an hour before taking a bath. It’s a very thick substance so it’s really advisable to put them on before hitting the shower. It helps but it takes a long time before seeing the result. What are your thoughts of aloe vera? I might want to try argan oil to see if it works for me too.

    Thanks for sharing!


    1. I remember once I met this woman who had beautiful shiny hair. I asked her what she used on it and she said she never usings shampoo. She only uses aloe. She takes a large leaf and squeezes the juice on her hair. Plus she says she only uses cold water when she rinses it out. I just don’t think I’m that dedicated to my hair. (smile

  11. I know exactly what you mean! I’m over 50 (57 to be exact) and I have long blond hair that is sadly reflecting the damage caused by my years of highlights. Your tips about only shampooing the scalp and only conditioning the ends is great and I’ve been on that routine for a while. I’ve tried argon oil but felt that it made my hair look greasy. Maybe I was using too much and should try it again using less. The biggest change I’ve made which has really helped (possibly more than any of the others) is to only shampoo much hair every 5 days and even 7 if I can make it that long. I’m a big believer in using dry shampoo in between.

    1. I agree with you 100%, Lynn. I actually started doing this myself. I can’t go the 5 days, but I am able to make it for 3 days. I used to wash my hair daily. And that is no good. It dries everything out way too much.

  12. Hi Wendy.
    This is of interest to me as i have been looking for something to make my hair look shiny and clean, my hair always looks dull and greasy:(
    I have heard of argon oil, i have not heard of organix renewing oil and reading this i will be putting it on my shopping list.
    How many times should you wash your hair? as i wash mine every other day, maybe that is where i am going wrong? also my hair gets static, what is the cause of that? Thanks for the info 🙂

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