I will never let myself go!

I think at any age we can get in a rut. But I know for me my forties were really hard. I was working a lot of hours and found it so much easier to just let myself go. Meaning…I stopped wearing make-up, pulled my hair back in a pony tail and off to work I went.

It wasn’t until I was going through my divorse from my marriage that I realized that I had somehow lost myself along the way. I guess you could say I became a plain Jane.

One day last year at the age of 49 I made a promise to myself to treat myself better by treating myself to treats. The first treat, was getting my nails done. Then I decided to make a commitment to wear start wearing makeup daily. I did this for me. Because for some reason when I wear makeup, if feel attractive and better. And I make an effort to dress in a way that I feel sexy and attractive.

Once I started being good to myself, I started realizing I was getting looks and men noticing me, which of course is great for the ego.

But the main thing is I feel good about myself…

So I made a promise to myself…I will never let myself go again…I deserve to be dressed up and feel attractive.

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