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Need To Tighten Loose Skin On Neck?

Do you need to tighten loose skin on your neck or under your arm? If you are over fifty like me, then you probably do.

After I turned 50 I started to notice some embarrassing loose skin under my arms and under my chin. Even though I am pretty healthy and thin, I can’t seem to get rid of it.

I discovered that this is normal for most women over 50 because as our hormones change through menopause we loose collagen.  I suppose we can’t change mother nature.

Or can we?

The good news is, apparently there are a few things I can do to help improve this problem. No of course we can’t turn back time, but we can improve the situation and make it better.

I was watching this video by Eric Berg about the topic and learned that in order to improve the loose skin problem that I’m having, I need to work on raising my growth hormone and lower my cortisol.

It is actually easier than you would think, and I am also doing many things already. Here is what I learned.

I need to raise my growth hormone by doing the following:

High Intensity Exercise will help raise the growth hormone, but first I need to start with low intensity exercise and get comfortable with that.

I should get a good nights sleep. Fortunately I already sleep well. I go to bed every night around 11 and wake up around 7. I fall asleep easily and sleep through the night.

I need to make sure I’m getting enough protein without going overboard.

Do intermittent fasting. Although it sounds hard, I realized that I do it already while I sleep. What I learned is to not eat in between meals at all because grazing hurts the liver and I don’t want to hurt my liver.

I also need to lower Cortisol and Lower Insulin. To do this I need to do some low intensity exercise daily. This seems easy. I just need to make some time to walk every day.

It is also important to keep making sure I continue to get enough sleep and avoid stress.

I learned the hard way in my past that stress can really do serious damage to your body. That is why I think the best thing I did for my health was to get a divorce a few years back.

I am so much more healthy now at 52 than I was at 49.

Taking care of my diet is important as well. I need to eat more green veggies which are high in potassium. I need more b vitamins and I need to cut out sugar which is something I’m doing already.

It is also important to support the liver because the liver is what the growth hormone works through, so if you do the above, you will be supporting your liver.

The good news is, I’m already doing most of this already. I really need to get into doing some low intensity walking. I do a lot of walking already, but I need to do it daily and keep track of the amount of time I’m doing it.

Something else I’m going to add to my routine is drinking bone broth.