Midlife And Dating

Many women and men find themselves single during midlife. And just like anyone else midlife’s find themselves lonely and wanting companionship.

Dating is a fun and exciting time. You get to meet people and enjoy the company of the opposite sex. You have the opportunity to meet some really neat people or you may even find your soul-mate.

But many older people who are joining the dating scene are often coming out of long term relationships. It can be intimidating putting yourself out there and being available after being with the same person for many years.

More and more people are using the internet as a tool to find companion. Sites like make it easy to find potential candidates. Sites like give you a chance to look at the profiles of people who are also available. You get to see pictures. Find out where they live and read about their likes and dislikes. It gives you a chance to see if you have and the person have something in common.

I like that dating sites give you a chance to get your feet wet. Meaning you don’t have to meet the person right away. First if you want, you can email them, talk on the phone or meet on chat sites like Skype.

If dating online remember you are still dealing with a stranger. So if you meet someone face to face it is a good idea to meet in a public place. Don’t allow someone to pick you up at your home on the first date.

I know of many people who have had success with dating sites. What about you? Have you used a dating site? Or do you think you would, if you haven’t?