Why Am I Here? My Purpose

One of my biggest frustrations of being middle aged is trying to figure out my purpose. You see for years my purpose was to be a good loving wife and raise three terrific kids. But now that I am separated and the kids don’t need me, it is time for me to focus on me.

And I have realized that although I have been happy as I go about my daily tasks.

Honestly I am happy!

But I realize that I really don’t have a true purpose. I mean I work everyday at my job. I update my blogs, clean the house, do the shopping, pay the bills, spend time with my family. I go about all of the motions of my day.

But what am I adding that is only special from me?

I want to figure out what my purpose is. I feel a need to figure out what makes me really tick.

I think I have spent way to much time over the years focusing on making others happy. Sadly I sort of lost myself along the way.

So what is my purpose? Why am I here….now?

I think a persons purpose can change with age. It think things change as we accomplish things in life. Perhaps rather than focusing on trying to figure out what my purpose is, I should just focus on being happy and enjoy the beauty around me. Life is good and I think it is better to simply choose to be happy!

I’m not sure what my purpose is. Maybe it has to do with connecting with people through my writing. Maybe it is to help someone I haven’t yet met. What I do know, is that I do have greater purpose… A reason for being. And I believe It will become clear when I have found it.

What about you? Do you have a burning desire to find your purpose? Have you found your purpose as a mid-lifer? And if so how? I would love some insight.