Middle Age Challenges

Am I Being Selfish?

I think once we hit midlife that we all come to a point where we feel like “It’s My Turn Now”. You know that moment when you feel like you have spent most of your adult life giving to others.

I have felt that way.

I was a “good wife”. When we got married I took care of just about everything. I took care of the house, the financing and made sure there was always a yummy dinner. Then down the road I had children and did a pretty good job at raising 3 confident and happy adult children.

I’m pretty proud of my accomplishment. My kids are awesome. I am proud that I gave them a good start on their lives.

But secretly I am so excited to finally have them moving out of the house. I’m excited to be a bit selfish and only worry about me.

If I think about it for 24+ years I have put everyone else before me. I always got the cold meal. Always went to the school functions, Made the food that others loved. I always put myself last.

Now, at 49 I have discovered that I don’t feel like cooking a great dinner every day. Sometimes I just want to go with the flow and grab a snack or make a sandwich when I get hungry.

Am I being selfish? Yes. And guess what. It is okay to take care of myself first. It was my choice to take care of others first for those years and it is my choice now.

I’m enjoying midlife. And I’m looking forward to taking care of me. How about you?