Creating Happiness

My Decision to Stop Watching Too Much TV

When I think of Midlife I look at it as the second better half of my life. I mean okay the first half was awesome. I had 3 terrific kids and many wonderful memories. But in the second half I am going to create an amazing life.

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I believe that the life we have good or bad is a choice. And I choose to live my life to the fullest. I know I want to enjoy every moment living my life exactly as I want. And I’m not going to waste time on things like watching TV.

Over the years, I realized that one of the surest ways for me to get depressed was to watch the news. So I stopped watching the news a few years ago and I discovered that I really don’t miss anything. When something major happens, people always let me know. And really, what can I do to stop all of the killings and bad things that happen. For me, living in Baltimore, the evening news is nothing but negative things. And it is certainly the last thing I need to hear about before going to bed.

But I’m going to really shut down the TV and focus on really living my life.

Yes, I have a TV in the house and I think it is fine to watch an occasional television show or movie. But when I look at some of my older friends who seem sad and lonely, I look at their life. And sadly it seems that their number one activity is sitting and watching television. I know some unhappy people who watch TV from morning until bedtime.

I don’t want that. I’m sure I must have a great purpose.

I want to live my own life, rather than be in the life experience of a fictional character. I think over the years, I watched way to much TV and tool television shoes way to seriously.

So I have made a commitment to only watch 2 hours of television a day. I know this may still seem like a lot to most people but over the years (I’m embarrassed to admit) that the tv would go on first thing in the morning and stay on all day long until bedtime.

What will I be doing instead? I’ll be doing things that bring me real joy. I’ll be taking walks, writing, reading and hanging out with good people who have positive energy.