Middle Age

What age Is Middle Age?

image courtesy of http://www.freedigitalphotos.net/I was just hanging out on a forum that I belong to and someone asked. “When does youth end and middle age begin?” And, of course, there were lots of answers: Thirty, Forty, Fifty or Sixty.

Someone suggested that you can decide how long you want to live. Once you decide you can divide that number in half. If this is true, than I certainly am in midlife as I am 50,

But, really “What age is middle age?”

For me, middle age, can’t be defined by a number. We are all different. And I honestly hate labels. For me middle age was when my life transitioned from taking care of others to taking care of me.

I no longer need to drive people to sports events. I no longer have to cook large meals. And my house no longer needs to be cleaned as often. There are fewer dishes in the sink. And it is quieter. I can sleep in if I want. And do my own thing.

I also think middle age is a time of re-evaluating your dreams. When you are younger, you have lots of dreams and desires. And over time, you may follow those dreams or not. But really you can do just about anything you want to do.

But most importantly middle age is the age that you lighten up! I am much wiser than I was when I was younger. And now when there is a crisis, I have realized that I am much more likely to deal with it fearlessly. I also know that there really is two sides to every story. And I know worry doesn’t solve anything. So I choose to lighten up and just deal with life’s happenings.

What age is middle age? It really is up to you. You get to decide when you are middle aged. For me, my life is really different then it was 10 years ago. It is really crazy but in a good and fun way. I guess that is why I named this website Midlife Madness! 🙂