The Virgin Diet Book – Why I bought It

The Virgin DietThe Virgin Diet

Over the past few years I have been struggling with my weight. I have been gaining a pound or two each year, and they have added up. Although my doctor says I’m healthy I feel really sluggish lately.

So I have been trying everything I can think of to loose the extra weight. And nothing seems to work.

The other day I was watching Public Television and saw a program about The Virgin Diet.

I learned that many people have a difficult time with there weight when they have a food intolerance. And unlike an allergy  you could have an intolerance and not know it. There are only subtle signs like weight gain, dull hair, feeling old, sore joints, stomach problems like bloating and heart burn. Plus many more symptoms.

The diet is about illuminating the 7 most foods that give most people difficulty. You go completely off these foods for 3 weeks. Most people end up losing up to 7 pounds during the first week.

Here are the foods you need to avoid during the 3 weeks…

Sugar and artificial sweeteners

Now when I first saw this list I thought I could not survive without my eggs or Dairy. And I do like bread.

The Virgin Diet Book

But I was interested and decided to by the Virgin Diet Book for more information. And I’m glad I did. It was packed full of information I couldn’t put it down. JJ the author explains all about leaky gut and what it is plus she explains how your digestive system works and why sometimes our bodies hold onto weight, no matter what we do.

I blamed my weight on menopause  but I really think it may be that although I am eating so called healthy foods, they are not the right foods for me.

I decided that if any of these foods is making me feel bad and affecting my weight it isn’t going to hurt me to eliminate them for only 3 weeks.

After 3 weeks, I will be adding them back one at a time, weekly. And if I start feeling bad again then I know that is a food that I can’t tolerate.

I am going to be blogging daily about how I’m feeling on my blog here. Feel free to follow along with my results.

When the 3 weeks are up, I’ll be sure to leave a full review.



Overall with the Virgin diet I have gone down 2 pants sizes. I feel awesome. Now I have added all of the food back but I limit corn and milk as I find I get reactions from them. Corn makes me feel bloated. And when I over do dairy I break out.

But all the other foods I limit my intake. I eat lots of fruits, vegetables and fish. I’m feeling great and looking younger as well.

What about you? Have your tried the virgin diet? Are you getting results?


Update: October 4th

I have kept corn out of my diet all together as well as foods that have corn or corn syrup in them. It just makes me feel bloated and uncomfortable. I also have found that dairy affects me and causes me to feel very lethargic if I have to much. I find though that I can cream in my coffee I just can’t over do it, but cheese I am fine if it is a “once in a while thing”.

I am still down 20 pounds. I probably could lose more, but I really feel good at this weight and I look healthy and happy.



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