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Ways to Improve Short Term Memory in Midlife

It is sad but true… that it is becoming harder for me to remember where I put my things things…The good news is that I read, that short term memory is a natural part of aging. I don’t care if it is natural or not. I hate feeling like I am not focused the way I should be.

Over the last few years I have spent hours looking for my keys, my purse, my shoes and my eye glasses… Do you ever find yourself in the same boat?

So I wanted to share some of the simple things that I have used to help me from losing all of my stuff. (I might be aging, but I can still be smart about helping myself remember). Here are 5 ways you can improve short term memory right now!

  • Each item has a home. I make sure I keep my purse, my shoes and my coat in a certain place so I can always find them. So when I get home, I am sure to put everything in its spot before I go to bed.
  • Take a picture with my smartphone. This is something I learned from the  younger generation. One day while at work, I saw my employee taking a picture of her schedule. And I thought, what a smart idea!
  • Keep a notebook. If you don’t have a smartphone with a camera, you can always keep a notebook with you so you can write a note to yourself.
  • Use it before you lose it. I try to read daily or do puzzles. This helps to keep my mind sharp!
  • Have fun! Okay so I’m aging. I don’t take live very seriously anymore. If I lose something, it is annoying but really it is also quit funny to. I try to not get frustrated.

Do you find as you are getting older it is harder for you to remember where you put things?


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